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YunJae's day ♥

Today I've browsing full of the sites with YunJae's pic. Hm, you must now, I used to be anty-yaoi fangirl, haha XD It's not like I've started to like it, no, no.... But it's the one pairing I like.. Or maybe I should say it's the only pairing I love. I found a lot of fanarts and real pics.
Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho.
They were so cute couple.. Or reather they "are" - it's thinking in Cassiopeia way, but it's based on faith as well. Cuz yeah, I believe they meet. Fans from time to time find various proves. Cassies always can find something in nothing XD Nobody is sure of course. Nobody took a picture where they are on meet, etc.
I've listened Rihanna's song "Rehab" which I love, when I was looking at YJ's pics.. They seem to be so real, so true. And this amazing way in which they were looking for each other. The best word to describe this is "magic". No one else in this world could make me like two guys in this kind of way. Well, miracles happen, it's said, 2012 it will be the year of miracles. We will see. I believe. 

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