Sinnyeom (sinnjeje) wrote,

[Dream] Shy Changmin

Today I had a dream. Very special one... 
In this dream I was on the trip with my class. But my class looked very strange. There was my younger and older friends. There was people who I only knew from the Internet as well. We were visiting various places and having fun. The one person, who I was so close with during this trip was... Max Changmin. He was really cute, funny and quite shy. My heart was beating so fast, when I was with him. Amazing feeling. I felt like I was so in love with him. When he was looking at me and smiling I was becoming speechless. I felt like there were some strong bonds between us... 
Finally, when we were coming home, I sat next to him in the bus. 
I looked at him and smiled. He did the same and I saw his cute shyness. God, I wanted to save this moment forever in my mind. He took my cheek with his soft hand and looked deep into my eyes. I felt love in my heart... And he was so close.. Then he kissed me. It was typical Korean kiss [wall-kiss], but I couldn't take a breath. He took my hand like he wanted to tell me "Please, don't go.". I hugged him and wanted to stay this way eternally. He knew I loved him and loved me too. We were talking a lot, once he was laughing at me and said "Babo!" with his gentle voice. Lovely moments~
Then I stood up and went to my friend to talk about something. I was catching him when he has looked at me from time to time. 
Bus stopped. It was time to go out and come back home. I was walking along with him.

Please, don't leave me...
I had those thoughts in my head.

And I woke up.
I cried. It was the most real dream in my life, and full of strong feelings. Strong and pure at the same time. 
Although Jaejoong is my bias... I love all OT5. I just can't help, but I love them so badly~
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There is only one thing that I want to say >.< I'll kill you when you'll come here so be ready ^^
Don't kill me, please! T.T
I won't kill you just because you had dream abt JJ and his kiss DD