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i met you within the stardust~

20 January

The piece of my mind

Sinnyeom means "faith" in Korean. What's more I can say about myself? Aish, it's rather hard... I'm an ordinary girl. My real name is Magda, I live in Poland. I love dance, singing, writting, drawing and... Asia~ I'm interesting in Japanese and Korean culture. I learn languages. Well, I have so many hobbies, there's no need to write about every one. I'm friendly, open-hearted and senstivie. Optimistic and mood maker sometimes^^ You can know me close by reading my ff and other posts here.
Red is good. My life was boring. Everyday have looked the same. Day by day - school, home, school, dance lessons, home etc. Until I've known THEM. My 동방신기. I'm not the one, whom they changed life. Hm.. Not excatly 'changed'. They just overturned my whole world. I'mm completely new person. I never didn't think I could love somebody so much, somebody who even doesn't know about my existance. It's enough I know them. It's enough if they're happy. It's enough for now and for the nearest years.
What about fandom? Hm... I can't help, but Cassie are so close to my heart. I cry with them, laugh with them, believe with them and just feel those bonds. I don't regret any tear...

"Cassiopeia is like eyelashes. I pull out 4 eyelashes a day but they never thin out. //They keep on growing. // Yeah, they do... very fast. It might look like they aren't that many eyelashes, but they're always growing."

So, PROUD TO BE CASSIOPEIA. And this pride no one can take me ♥

= = =
~My 동방신기.... Let me love you, let me trust you, let me believe in you, let me be with you, let me wait for you, let me miss you, let me protect you.

Because it's all I can do for you now~