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[Eng] TVXQ - Still

I'm not the first one, who found out, that "Still" is HoMin's "W". Yeah, the lyrics is amazing. You said, Changmin made this song? Aish. Today is the day, when I wondered, how much they must miss each other. When they stand at the stage... It doesn't matter - JYJ or HoMin, they clearly can see empty places. But they do their best, to thank their fans and show love towards them. I know those empty places.. Someday will be filled. Do you believe? I do~

"Still" Eng trans:
Once again, supporting each other.
Once again, smiling brightly .
If we reunite in this place again.
I can’t hear your voice.
I can’t call your name.
But if we meet in our dreams,
I will hug you tightly.
But I cannot say that I love you.
More painful, more sad.
Painful love.
I can’t lean on your shoulders,
I can’t keep looking at you.
But if we meet in our dreams,
I will kiss you with (all) my strength.
I cannot forget you till forever.
I will always stay like this.
The harder it is, the more I’ll love you.
Painful Love.
Now, I pray for your happiness everyday.
You are still in my heart.
Still in my heart.

Credits: hellym + chocopair04
Source: Kouki @ weibo via DBSKnights
Translation by : @DBSKRainbows

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